The Problem

Upton’s recent time in the spotlight came from HBO’s The Wire: Season 2. What was not explored in this TV drama was Upton’s connection to the African American Jazz culture. Since its origins in 1900, Upton has been built for and by African Americans. To capture this dynamic history, I selected an individual that is actively invested in the community beyond their front door. That person is Vivian Lenora Imes.

The Approach


Vivian Lenora Imes is a resident of Upton for the past 40 years. Since renting her first home in the 800 block of Carey, Vivian has worked to keep the streets of Upton clean. She has raised her children within this community and completed her life’s work as a community activist on the streets of Upton.

Her story is explored in a feature magazine layout that covers six pages.

Pheonix Rising Article

Recording her work inspired a dive into what kind of non profit her work would thrive in.