A self-proclaimed quester for knowledge, Lynora Lawless uses her passion for anthropology, culture, technology, and communication to develop effective strategies, create comprehensive communications packages that provide clean, creative and considerate content. From organizing a social media plan for multiple channels, capturing candid moments for intimate and professional events, Lynora aspires to make every aspect of your communication needs enhance your experience and your mission.

“Design is a holistic experience.”

As a communications professional, the quest to capture an experience or story and transforming that into something one can get lost in is akin to baking a cake. The ingredients are there but the time to prepare them and add them in the right order will make the end product great.  With candid photos and a focused approach, Lynora uses clean layouts and photos to make every item dance like preparing for a wedding.

Social media needs to be given the same attention as one gives their hair:
washed/conditioned regularly, and open to trying new things.”

As a social media curator, posting for a client requires a balance of engaging the audience in the cause (product) and engaging the audience in the process of the office and the people fighting that cause and the people they assist.

When creating a social media plan for a client, the client needs to understand their brand and “Pride Points”. Social media is a tool created to engage with family and friends as a stop gap between people that live far away or to augment relationships. To make a practice that is easy for the office to contribute to and mirrors the natural communication one would have with a good friend.

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